MAK Temperature Control

6/8/2010 – I found out the hard way that it doesn’t’ pay to vary the temperature too much during a cook.  When I was doing my BBQ chicken, I seared it on high for about 15 minutes per side, then reduced the temp to 350, then smoke, then back to 350.  Apparently this process confused the controller and got it in a mode whee the fire went out, but the auger continued feeding pellets.  After discussion this with Bob at MAK Grills, we were certain this was what caused the problem – in other words, I caused the problem by screwing around with the temp so much.  Call it a n00b mistake.

I have heard that this can happen on any pellet grill under the same circumstances.  My indication that something was wrong was that the MAK was producing large amounts of smoke – especially for being set at 350 degrees.

Here is a picture of what my firepot looked like when all was said and done.

I shut down, removed and dumped my firepot (try that on any other make of pellet grill) and restarted.  Finished off the chicken with no problem.

Special thanks to Bob at MAK for telephone support on a Sunday afternoon.  You guys are great!!