MAK Grill Pad

Jan 8, 2013

I recently picked-up a new MAK grill pad.  If you have used grill pads, you probably have a mental image of the ones typically sold at Home Depot, Lowes or the likes.  Wrong.

Leave it to MAK to think outside the box – again.  The MAK grill pad is made with ceramic tiles and powder-coated metal.  It is heavy, while it can be moved around, it is better-suited to being placed on a deck or patio, and left there.

The tiles will protect your deck/patio from grease, or any other spills while looking better than anything else out there short of a built-in!

Assembly: MAK ships the grill pad in three separate boxes.  Each box is a 1×4 array of tiles. Two connecting strips will connect the three pieces together.  MAK also provides a decal for those whole want to use them, which can be anywhere on any of the tiles.