11/30/10 – Ribeye steak “charbroil” style on the MAK 1 Star General

I was bored and hungry – never a good combination.  I had seen a heat distribution plate at True Value that would fit in place of the flame shield in the MAK.  I got it and installed it in the MAK.  I fired it up and indeed I did get more direct heat (but not exposed flame).  In future attempts, I may try modifying the distribution plate to allow more direct heat AND some flame.  The goal is to get a cook similar to cooking over coals.

I used the GrillGrate over the heat plate, and got great sear marks and a great tasting steak.



7/12/2010 – Ribeye steak with cheating onion, sauteed mushrooms, and potato wedges

Wife and kids went to the coast for a couple days, found myself in the position of cooking for only me.  That means steak.  Picked up a nice 1 1/4 lb ribeye, a Walla Walla sweet onion, and some mushrooms

– Peeled and cut the onion in 1/2 thick slices, drizzled with EVOO, sprinkled with BBQ rub, and drizzled some chipotle Tabasco on the top.  Wrapped in foil.
– Sliced the mushrooms, drizzled with EVOO and loosely wrapped in foil.
– Sprinked some Traeger beef rub on both side of the steak after letting it rest at room temp for about 20 minutes.
– Threw the onions and mushrooms on the grill, the steak on the GrillGrates, and the potato wedges in a grilling basket.
– Pulled the steak at IT 150 degrees, put the mushrooms on top, onions and potatoes alongside.

6/5/2010 – Ribeye steaks with rosemary butter.

OK.  To at least PRETEND that I am being heart healthy, I have been grilling mostly sirloin steaks lately.  This weekend though I picked-up a couple of  huge ribeye steaks.

I  marinaded the steaks in Bord-o-lay, and seasoned them with cracked pepper, granulated garlic, and chili powder.  I grilled them over the flame zone with Bear Mountain mesquite pellets.  I topped off the finished steaks with pats of rosemary butter.

These were the best tasting steaks Ive had in recent memory.  Perfectly cooked, tender, and flavorful.  Awesome!!