7/15/2010 – Appetizers

Our company was having a potluck and I needed to sign-up to bring something.  I saw this as a great chance to try some different things on the MAK.

The MOINK balls were the crowd favorites.  COSTCO meatballs, wrapped in 1/2 slice bacon, and dusted with BBQ rub.  I brushed them with Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce before reheating.  Very Tasty!

Both the ABT’s and Roasted Japs had a small slice of meatball and a small slice of roasted garlic in them.  The ABT’s had cream cheese and the roasted Japs had mozzarella.

The wings were also from COSTCO and I brushed them with a little BBQ sauce too.  Very mild – next time maybe I’ll spice-up the sauce a bit.