MAK Flame Zone

6/8/2010 – This tip comes direct from Bruce at MAK Grills.

Cover your drip shield with foil (1 strip of the wide heavy duty will work, Bruce recommends 2).  If you are going to direct grill, take an object (I use a pen) and punch holes in the foil where the holes are in the drip shield.  This allows the heat to come up and let you get the sear you desire without compromising your drip shield.

For clean-up just remove the foil and wipe!

Note that this will reduce your heat level a bit so if you are going for a high-heat sear: you might have a bit of a trade-off using foil.

12-28-11: Full-width flame zone

With the introduction of the full-width flame zone, the foil with holes method is still possible – but only if you want to poke 110 holes.  What I have taken to doing is basic cleaning with a grill brush before each use, and then occasionally, I’ll put it in my gasser with all 4 burners set to high.  This burns-off the drippings and debris nicely.  Good thing I didn’t get rid of the gasser!

Full-width flame zone after burn-off in my gasser.