Big Poppa Smokers

Big Poppa Smokers – Double Secret Steak Rub

The “Double Secret Steak Rub” is a creation of Big Poppa Smokers.  BPS told me that this was no “phone-in” blend.  BPS took their time perfecting this rub and the results show that it was worth it.  A fantastic rub for any cut of beef, this is my go-to rub for steaks, roasts, brisket, tri-tip – well, you get the point.  If I could make one change to this recipe it would be to cut the salt in half, but then that would probably ruin the flavor profile…  If you could only have one rub for your steaks and other beef cuts – this would be it.

Big Poppa Smokers – Desert Gold Rub

BPS is on a roll.  Released at the same time as their outstanding “Double Secret”, the Desert Gold is a fantastic rub for Chicken and Fish.  I am particularly fond of Spatchcock chicken, and this rub is perfect for that.  A little Annie’s Garlic Olive Oil sprayed on the chicken, followed by a healthy coating of Desert gold.  You can’t go wrong with this rub.

Big Poppa Smokers – Little Louie’s Seasoned Garlic Salt with Black Pepper

Little Louie’s is another great all-round product from Big Poppas.  I like to use it in combination with the Double Secret on beef, but it is a great seasoning all on its own.  I’m a big fan of anything garlic, and anything pepper – so what’s not to like here?

2-27-12: This has become my go-to rub of choice.  I use it alone or in conjunction with other rubs.  very versatile!  No for those on low sodium diets however, as it is a seasoned salt.