High Cotton – Outer Banks, N.C.

10-21-15 – High Cotton BBQ

high_cottonLocated in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, I came across High Cotton, a local BBQ joint.  Anyone who knows me knows it’s pretty hard to get me to go to a BBQ joint more than once.  Most are just not worth the repeat visit.  High Cotton is – and I went twice in 2 days!  Excellent smoked meats – the pulled pork is Carolina style of course, and an added bonus: You could get fried chicken with any platter!  Well, I’m a fried chicken junkie, so I tried a couple different platters, both with fried chicken.  These were gut busters for sure, and I would not hesitate to go again next time I make it to the Outer Banks (which I hope to soon).

Check these pics out and judge for yourself if you think it’s worth a visit…

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Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.