Off the Hook BBQ – Cave Junction, OR

This joint, located in Eugene Oregon, consists of a trailer with a home-made pellet smoker on the back, and an indoor area for sitting and enjoying BBQ.

The owner, Tom Trevino, builds his own pellet-fired smokers and is quite proud of them.  He should be.  A twin chamber, twin hopper set-up allows Tom to smoke both Mesquite and Hickory at the same time.  Well insulated, he builds these for sale too – recently selling one to a local McMenamins.

We tried some of his Mesquite smoked tri-tip.  Chopped, and piled into a bun with a little sauce, this was some good tasting fare.  The funny thing is Tom uses the same pellets I do, so this tasted very similar to what I would have turned out of my MAK.  Different rub and sauce, I’m sure Tom would be disinclined to share his recipes – I wouldn’t be crude enough to ask.

Sides were baked beans and his specialty – smoked mac and cheese.  Both were excellent.

UPDATE 8-12-11:  After a couple of successful visits, I found that Tom also does catering, and as such, his hours are very unpredictable.  My last 3 attempts to visit his place he was gone.  Very frustrating when you show-up at an establishment with a group, only to find that they are closed.  If you happen by and they are open, try them out.  Don’t make a trip just to go there – especially during your lunch hour – you run the risk of them being closed and having to go somewhere else.

UPDATE 8-22-11: Found out via their Facebook page, that Tom was hurt pretty bad in a motorcycle crash.  That is why nobody was at the site my last few attempts to visit.  They have indicated that they are closed at this location until further notice.

UPDATE 12-23-11: Looks like Off the Hook BBQ is back in business!  Located at 3890 Main Street, Springfield, OR 97477   (541-543-0117).  A little far for me to go at lunch time now, but well worth a stop if you are in the area!