Pellet Storage

January 23, 2013

Once you get a pellet smoker, you will inevitably need to decide how and where to store your pellets.

MAK Grills

MAK makes a storage bin which holds pellets in stackable containers.  I use something very similar for my charcoal.

Homer Bucket / Gamma Seal Lid

Homer Buckets
The solution I decided met my needs, was the ubiquitous “Homer Bucket” with the twist-on Gamma Seal lids.  This gave me a stackable solution, cost effective, containers that are easy to open, and water tight.  Living in the Pacific Northwest, we are accustomed to wet weather most of the year.  I store multiple types of pellets in these buckets year-round, and have never had a moisture issue.  I store the buckets outside in a Rubbermaid tool shed.

For added convenience, I picked-up a package of Traeger pellet type magnets, and place the appropriate one on top of each bucket.  When I put the pellets into the hopper, I affix the magnet on the front of the MAK so I never forget what type of pellets I have in there.