Blakes Place BBQ – Anaheim, CA

While in Anaheim, CA on business some co-workers took me to Blake’s Place BBQ for lunch.  I thought that even if the food was “just OK”, it was going to be nice to sit in the outdoor patio area enjoying the weather (since it was cold/rainy in Oregon).

A quick look over the menu and I found what i wanted – A Brisket Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich.  Got a side of beer-battered onion rings, just because.

The food arrived within a decent timeframe considering it was lunchtime on a Friday, and it looked good.  I poured some of Bakes branded BBQ sauce on the sandwich and dug in.  It was everything I could have hoped for.  Good, but not overwhelming smoke flavor, tender juicy brisket.  The rings were good as well, I had to keep an eye on them as they kept disappearing from my plate.

I rarely say this about a BBQ joint these days, but I am looking forward to my next trip to Anaheim so I can check out more of Blake’s wonderful menu.

For those adventurous types, Blake’s has a challenge.  A sandwich called “The Beast”.  There was a time in my life I would have tried – I think I passed that point, but good luck to any that try and succeed!

4-26-12 Update: Had the opportunity to visit again.  Had the Pastrami with Swiss.  It was wonderful.  Nice, thin sliced pastrami, good smoky flavor – one of the best Pastrami sandwiches I’ve had in a very long time.

9-11-12 update: Another trip to Anaheim, 2 visits to Blakes Place.  I have to say I was disappointed in the quantity of food this time.  The Pastrami seemed skimpy, and the two-meat plate was likewise a bit thin for the price.  I know it is a tough economy, but when I go to a BBQ place and drop $15, I don’t expect to walk away hungry.

10-14-12 update:  I emailed the owner, Gene, to tell him about my unsatisfactory experience.  He responded promptly apologizing, and said he would look into it.  He also offered me a $25 gift card good at the restraunt.  Good customer service, Gene!