Books and Videos

Planet Barbecue – Stephen Raichlen

Typical Raichlen book – Great recipes and stories about their origins as well as a history lesson or two about BBQ both inside and outside the US.

How to Grill – Stephen Raichlen

BBQ USA – Stephen Raichlen

Another of the Raichlen series – this one specifically for US BBQ.  Great recipe variations from around the US.

The Barbecue! Bible – Stephen Raichlen

I think this is the one that started the Raichlen series.  If you are new to BBQ and want to get a running start, this is a great reference.  Like all the Raichlen books though, everything is slanted towards charcoal or gas – none of the recipes/methods are pellet-specific.

Raichlen’s Indoor Grilling– Stephen Raichlen

Not a bad book, I just couldn’t get into doing “BBQ” indoors.  I live in Oregon and you either grill/BBQ when it’s wet, or only do it a few months out of the year.  Now that I have my MAK – this book is gathering dust.

Barbecue! Sauces, Rubs and Marinades – Stephen Raichlen

Most (if not all) of these are covered throughout the other Raichlen books – this one just puts them all in one place.

Backyard BBQ The Art of Smokology – Richard W. McPeake

I found this interesting and informative.  More in the science of BBQ and not so much in the recipes themselves.

Paul Kirk’s Championship Barbecue Sauces – Paul Kirk

Paul Kirk’s Championship Barbecue – Paul Kirk