MAK Grilling Sauces


Rum Grilling Sauce: This sauce is a thinner sauce than the other MAK sauces I tested – flowed easily out of the bottle.  When I first poured it our I could definitely smell the rum in it and as a rum fan, that was a good thing!  I tried it on some country-style pork ribs I was grilling.  The sauce coated well and gave the pork a nice, sweet flavor – ho heat at all in this sauce.  It went really well with the sweetness of the pork, and would be ideal for those who don’t like spicy sauces.


Honey Stinger Grilling Sauce: This sauce was thinker, and had a bit of kick to it.  Not overpowering, but we tried it on some BBQ chicken and it was great.  Spicier than our usual “go to” BBQ sauce but not so hot as to hide the taste of the chicken. This may become my new favorite sauce.



Devils Punch Grilling Sauce: Not for the meek!  This is a habanero-based sauce, and has some serious burn to it.  Unfortunately my family isn’t in to hot like I am in to hot, so I haven’t had the opportunity to try this on many things.  I may have to bite the bullet and just do a batch of chicken or pork just for me. This is a very thick sauce so you’d be better off pouring it into a bowl, then brushing it on your meat.