GrillGrates / GrateTool

Coming more from a “grilling” background than “barbecuing”, I found instantly that I missed the grill marks on food I was grilling.  Whether it was purely psychological or not, steaks, chicken, and fish just seemed to taste better with good grill marks.

I was not happy with the marks I was getting from my pellet grill.  I did everything I could to elevate the temperature of the grill to try and get the “sear” I was accustomed to on my gasser or charcoal grill.

Bob at MAK Grills sent me a pair of Grill Grates (MAK sized), and I purchased 2 regular sized grates plus the GrateTool, the custom spatula designed to easily get under food on the grates.  The panels interlocked allowing me to use just one panel, or all four interlocked into a single cooking grid.

After a couple of uses, my grates got “seasoned”, and I started seeing the sear marks I missed.  The more I used the grates, the better the marks got.

If you are cooking on a pellet grill, I highly recommend the GrillGrates and GrateTool.

Update 8-13-12

After using the MAK searing grates for a while, I decided to go back to the GrillGrates.  I removed the heat deflector in my MAK and placed the GrillGrates directly over the firepot.  This got the grates extremely hot, and allowed me to get a great sear and carmelization on the meat.  This may become me new way of doing steaks (if only doing 1 or 2 at a time).