The A-Maze-N-Tube-Smoker is the latest smoking aid from Amaze-N Products. A mesh tube, you fill it with your smoking pellet of choice, light it with a propane torch, and let it smoke.  The 12″ version will smoke for about 4 hours.  The 18″ version about 6 hours.

Personally, I like the light smoke flavor imparted by a pellet smoker.  Not harsh or overbearing.  But you’re hardcore BBQ fanatics might think the smoke flavor is too light.  Enter the Amaze-N-Tube.  The additional smoke provided by the tube will give you more of that classic, stick-burner smoke flavor.

It is also useful for adding smoke flavor to food while grilling at high heat.  Light the tube and set it in your pit.  Crank it up to grilling temp and get the best of both worlds.

At $30 it is wallet friendly, and a LOT easier than trying to install a Smoke Daddy or other smoke source to your pit.
Don’t have a pellet smoker (yet)?  You can use this in your charcoal grill or gasser to give you some great wood smoke flavor to get you by until you do have a pellet smoker!

You can check out their site here.