BBQ Chicken

7/3/2010 BBQ Spatchcocked chicken

To spatchcock the chickens, I cut out the back bone, removed the breast bone and cartilage, made slits in the skin for the legs, and tucked back the wings.

I then brined the chickens for about 6 hours.    Injected a bit of marinade, sprinkled with my standard BBQ rub, and put them in the MAK on smoke setting for 1/2 hour (mesquite).

After the 1/2 hour,  I cranked the MAK up to 330 and placed the chickens on Grill Grates.  Put in the meat probes to monitor the temp, and let them cook.  After about another 1/2 hour I turned the chickens and basted with Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce (my fav).

Not sure if it was the brine or the injection, but this chicken was very juicy and flavorful.