Sucklebusters – Hoochie Mama Rub

I purchased some “Hoochie Mama” along with some of Sucklebusters “Hog Waller” (separate review).  I like the layers of flavor in “Hoochie Mama”. Sweet, smoky, hot.  I tend to use it on most grilled meats as a base, and usually add some course ground pepper to complement it.  http://www.sucklebusters.com/


Bone Suckin’ Sauce – Hot Seasoning and Rub

From the people who brought us Bone Suckin’ Sauce.  This is the hot version of their seasoning/rub.  I have used this on just about everything I wanted to add a bit of heat to: Ribs, pork butt, beef roasts.  It does equally well across all types of meat.  Visit their site for a great collection of tasty sauces, rubs and other treats. http://www.buybonesuckin.com