MAK Grills Searing Grate

Two MAK Searing Grates over the full-width flame zone. How many steaks could YOU cook with this much space?

The good folks over at MAK were paying attention to the success people were having with the GrillGrates, and decided to offer their customers another solution to getting great sear marks when grilling.  The Searing Grate is a Teflon-impregnated aluminum half-size  grate that fits over the flame zone on the MAK 2 Star.  The Searing Grate conducts and holds heat far better than the stock stainless steel grate, and fits perfectly alongside the half-size stainless grate allowing indirect cooking on one side, and direct cooking on the other.

Results: For my initial test I decided to reverse-sear a NY Strip.  I cranked the MAK up to 225 and placed the strip on the indirect side with a meat probe inserted.  When the steak hit internal temp of 120, I wrapped the steak loosely in foil, and placed it in the warming drawer.  I turned the MAK on High and waited until my pit temp was 450 degrees.  I unwrapped the steak, and placed it on the searing grate for 1.5 minutes per side.

See the photo to the right – The flame zone allows just a bit of flare-up without running the risk of burning your meat.  The sear marks on the steak are from just 90 seconds per side on the searing grate!

Below is a Tri-tip that I did reverse-seared.  Indirect to 100 degrees, then 6 minutes/side on the searing grate.  It came out fantastic!

The searing grate does what you would expect of it and because it is designed my MAK – it fits perfectly and does not block the convection airflow.  A quick touch with a scotch-brite pad, and the searing grate is ready for its next job.