MAK Searing Grate

The MAK Searing Grate answered the question “how do you get great sear marks on a pellet grill?”.  Made by the good folks at MAK, for the MAK – it fits perfectly aside the half-width stainless steel grate. Similar results to the GrillGrate (separate review), but made to fit perfectly in the MAK without compromising airflow.

To be honest, I have not removed this grate since I got it.  I frequently do reverse sear and will indirect cook meat on the right side then crank-up the MAK to high, and move the meat to the searing grate for an awesome sear to go with that great wood-fired flavor.  The pic at the right proves that you don’t need extreme temps to get a great sear on a pellet grill!

MAK Full-width Flame Zone

If you are grilling for a group and need the sear marks on everything, this is going to be the way to go.  My personal favorite on this is spatchcock chicken.  I can get three whole chickens on there (at least) and all of them over the flame zone!  That means crispy, juicy, seared, fantastic chicken.  You can also do a ton of steaks, chops, etc.  Use the whole cooking surface for grilling.

This drip pan uses a cool border that locks into the MAK, and then the drip pan fits into that.  MAK makes a blank insert for this as well, which will allow you to quickly and easily switch between smoker and grill mode.

MAK Half-size shelf

The half upper rack is a great way to add extra capacity to your MAK.  Mine rarely leaves my MAK regardless if I am smoking or grilling.  MAK also makes a full-size upper rack.  I think two half upper racks would give the most flexibility.

Sizzle-Q Griddle

The Sizzle-Q griddle allows additional flexibility to your grill.  Breakfast is easy on the Sizzle-Q.  In my grill however, the Sizzle-Q has been replaced by the MAK Griddle (see separate entry).  Pancakes taste GREAT on the MAK!

MAK Griddle
Maverick Wireless Meat Probe