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Posted: June 1, 2010 in BBQ, Grilling, MAK Grills

MAK GRiLLS announces the 3 Star General

March 19, 2014

3-Star Straight-On_Lid Closed_d editedWe’ve heard the rumors, and I’m here to tell you it’s not just a rumor – The MAK 3 Star General is coming!

For those who have seen the 4 Star this will look very similar.  The major difference is the 3 Star is geared more towards residential consumers, rather than commercial uses.  It is ideal for built-in applications such as outdoor kitchens.

Slightly smaller than it’s larger sibling, the 3 Star has a redesigned grease/ash removal system, and there is a new feature for quickly dumping out the firepot (pulling open a panel in the bottom, rather than having to remove the firepot).  It also has a pellet hopper dump door (similar to the 2 star) that the 4 star did not have, and the hopper holds a total of 30lbs.

There is also a new Flame Detection System (FDS) that allows the grill to know when there is a fire burning in each firepot.

You can download the spec sheet on the 3 Star General here.  As expected, the 3 Star is crafted with the same care and attention to detail that has gone in to each of its predecessors.

3-Star Grill Close-up

MAK GRiLLS inducted into the Made in USA Hall of Fame

July 28, 2013

Congratulations to MAK Grills for their induction in the Made in USA Hall of Fame – the first grill manufacturer ever to receive the honor!  Read about it in the Statesman Journal. MAK


June 29, 2013

It’s here!  The much awaited MAK Mobile.  I have it, and will be giving it a major test with a brisket starting tonight.  It consists of a WiFi chip that installs on the Pellet Boss, and a website that can be accessed via computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.  It will give you access to every feature of your Pellet Boss (except turning the power on), and a whole lot more.


MAK GRiLLS Grill Pad

January 14, 2013

Never ones to rest on their laurels – the crew over at MAK have come up with their latest accessory: The MAK Grill Pad.  Forget the flexible pieces of sandpaper sold at your local DIY places – The MAK Grill Pad is made of ceramic tiles mounted onto a powder coated steel frame.  I guarantee this will add yet another dash of class to your MAK Grill (as if it needs it) and will set you even further apart from every other grill on the block.  image

BPS Wins GC at 2012 American Royal

October 25, 2012

Congrats to our friends over at for winning Grand Champion at the 2012 American Royal BBQ Contest.  BPS is a big influence on the pellet cooking industry, and their “” site dedicated to pellet cooking is an excellent resource for experts and newbies alike.

MAK GRiLLS Pacific Northwest Pellet Blend

September 1, 2012

MAK has done it again.  Not only have they designed and built the best pellet grill available, but now they even have designed their own unique Pacific Northwest blend of Pellets!

This new blend for smoking is a unique combination of Hazelnut, Cherry, and Alder.

Next up will be a custom grilling blend – I can’t wait!!

MAK GRiLLS 4 Star General wins Vesta Award!

March 5, 2012

A special “Congratulations” to the fine team at MAK Grills, for yet another Vesta Award win.  MAK has won multiple awards for the 2-Star.  This time, it was the 4-Star’s turn to take the spotlight.

MAK 4-Star General wins the 2012 Vesta Award


About SmokinMAK

I love BBQ, but like most Americans, really only grilled.  I had tried cooking low-and-slow with my Weber Kettle but couldn’t control the temperature the way I wanted to get consistently good results.  Turns out -  I had the TASTE for BBQ, just not the PATIENCE.

In 2010 I went over to the darkside – Pellet cooking!  I bought a MAK 2 Star General Pellet Cooker in June 2010 and started expanding my BBQ knowledge and skills.  The pellet cooker helps take some of the black magic out of BBQ, making it almost a hands-off experience, and it imparts an incredible wood smoke flavor to everything you cook.

I have been using my MAK a lot since I bought it and have tried several things I just would not have had the guts to try on a charcoal/gas grill.  It has been a wonderful experience so far and as I continue to learn techniques and continue to try new things, I’ll post them here.

My hope is to be a source of information for others that are looking to make the move to pellet cookers, particularly the MAK.

You can learn more about the MAK Grill at